Prototype Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Country Schools

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Education
Throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2011 ongoing
Educational, Interior Design
7,550 sqm

A growing population lead to Saudi Arabias need to provide new schools and education to all children in the Kingdom. The Ministry of education carefully selected international consultancy offices with extensicve expertice in educational facilities to design prototype schools for elementary and secondary grades. Kieferle & Partner in JV with ZAS architects, one of the leading north american firms with over 400 educational facilities designed, were comisioned to develop three of the prototype school designs and also provided relevant side adaptation. Site sizes are approximately 10,000 sqm and the schools were desiged for 30 Classrooms and 18 Classrooms. The successfull pod system classroom was introduced as was the multipurpose space with a link to the sports hall for events. Unknown to date in KSA was the use of the sport facilities after hours by the community which was introduced in the secondary portotype schools. School canteens are popular in the KSA and part of each school. With respect to the local culture the prototypes were addapted for girls. To allow mothers to work as teachers, a nursery forms part of the elementary school prototypes. With the implication from the Primary and Secondary Schools managements they are going to to be built in various areas of the KSA with different climatic conditions, which design and detailing takes the mostly harsh climate conditions into consideration. Shadding elements and indirect light were introduced as design features. In addition the design allows flexibility in adaptation to different sized lands.