Prince Sultan University Ladies Club

Prince Sultan University
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Interior Design, Educational
6,300 sqm

Prince Sultan University,  a leading privately owned institution in Saudi Arabia offers high level education in state of the art University buildings.Young woman in the KSA enjoy an increasing number of universities and fields of studies.  The local culture reflects in separate university areas and facilities for man and women. Upon the initiative of PSU dean and leaders, the vision is to allow the young women to spend time outside university timing in an educational yet relaxed surrounding. Also team spirit and fruitful team work is envisaged which making sports a topic. With this vision and due to our long standing experience in the KSA we developed the program jointly with the PSU – the result is an ambitious project serving the women studying and teaching. The architecture and interior design reflect the joyful and free spirit that should play the main role. Interconnected via voids through all levels and organic shapes experiences are different from all angles. Privacy screens and inverted design approach allow the ladies to move freely. The program ranges from theater space to bowling alley, sports hall with visitor gallery, library, auditorium, community work spaces, cafe, indoor and outdoor pool to aerobics and yoga lounges. Focus was made on energy saving measures and the use of locally produced materials. The project is under construction and will be finished in 2017.