Our People Our Strength

Our unified and innovative practice has emerged from a fusion of diversified and multifaceted pool of talent.

Our Firm´s substantial experience and the large multidisciplinary team puts us in the enviable position of being better equipped to successfully deliver designs, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of the built environment. Our people come from a range of backgrounds, and we value the varied perspectives, experience, and expertise they bring to their work. We undertake our clients’ goals and need for strategic and seamless design sincerely, in turn networking our entire team to deliver its creativity, knowledge and experience.

Georg Kieferle

B.Architect, BDA
Founder & Senior Principal at K&P

Georg Kieferle established architectural practice Rödl + Kieferle in 1958 in Böblingen, Stuttgart with a commitment to design excellence. Since then he has actively participated and contributed in the field of architecture and served as a teaching faculty from 1971 – 1985 at Technical College in Stuttgart. In 1986 he got nominated as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Chile. Alongside his flourishing architectural practice he gave full justice to the honorary position and for which he was awarded `The Order of Bernardo O’Higgins´, an award issued by Chile, which is the highest civilian honor awarded to non-Chilean citizens. His work spans an array of constructed space such as: High technology industrial buildings & clean rooms, Logistic Centers, residential and commercial complexes, administrative buildings, office spaces and educational institutions. Later on in 1989 he became the Principal and Partner of a Partnership Practice – Kieferle & Partner. He is recognized as one of the most prominent personality in the society and an outstanding architect for his exemplary works and numerous award winning projects. His conviction and determination has won our practice various accolades including Paul Bonatz Prize, Hugo Häring Prize, European Steel Structure award and Silver Medal from the Ministry for Town Planning – Germany. On the other hand, owing his remarkable contribution towards the society and the Field of Architecture, Staufermedaille – a Silver Medal of Economics from the state of Baden-Württemberg and Bundesverdienstkreuz– Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany have been bestowed to him. Georg is fluent in German, English and Spanish.

Eberhard Bender

Dipl. Eng. Senior Architect
Partner & Senior Architect at K&P

Eberhard has been with K&P since its Inception in 1989. Prior to joining Kieferle & Partner he has worked with Oei + Kenez Architects & Rödl + Kieferle. A Partner and Senior Architect almost 40 years of experience at Kieferle & Partner, he is responsible for the complete scope of architectural services offered by the firm. With numerous awards winning competition entries and leading a variety of high-profile Projects. Eberhard has made a substantial contribution not only to the construction field but also to our architectural practice. Eberhard’s dedication to design excellence, efficient delivery along with a broad perspective and a valuable balance between a project’s aesthetic and technical aspects has resulted in creating unique and stunning examples of architecture. Over the course of his over 30 years with K&P, Eberhard has been committed to mentoring rising design talent. His efforts have helped to shape Kieferle & Partner’s design culture and elevate the level of design to better meet clients’ needs. Till date he plays an important role in planning and supervising several projects in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Chile, Brunei and Mexico.

Cornelia Kieferle-Nicklas

Dipl. Eng., Architect and Interior Designer
Partner at K&P and Managing Partner- Dubai Branch

As a Partner since 1989 and a Managing Partner of Dubai office since 2006, Cornelia is not only focused on servicing local Clients, but also single handedly manages many overseas projects. As a Registered Interior Designer and Architect, she has led teams as project architect, project manager, and interior designer on a broad range of project types and sizes.  She began her Career by gaining experience with prominent architectural firms like Lascaris design Group, Washington DC and JCT Decoration, Paris. She also has a wealth of international experience, having worked at United States of America, Germany and Saudi Arabia. With such wide range of experience and seasoned insight, Cornelia joined Kieferle & Partner and has since contributed immensely to the growth of our Practice. In 2004 she went on to expand the practice in Dubai and in 2007 officially brought the company’s name into existence in Dubai. Her expertise lies in planning and managing hospitality, corporate and residential projects. Cornelia also carries International Business Development responsibilities for Kieferle & Partner. Through her remarkable leadership and management skills, Cornelia is responsible for successful completion of several large and mixed-use complexes, hospitality, institutional, residential and private/public sector projects. With her due diligence and contribution we have won many design competitions including “DAFZA Headquarter”, “DAFZA East Land” and “Jewel of the Creek”.