Park Inn Naseel 4-star Hotel Makkah

Naseel Group
Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2016 ongoing
Interior Design
1,600 Guestrooms and Suites

The Naseel Park Inn Hotel is situated in Makkah Center and consists of two connected towers. The existing tower will undergo extensive refurbishment and will be connected to the new tower.

Located in a city that is primarily the destination for religious travelers the design of the hotels facilities such as the guest rooms, dining areas and the prayer halls are creating a serene and quiet atmosphere and enhance the guest experience. The guest rooms are based in principle on the Park Inn brand standard with adjustments in respect to the nature of the destination: Makkah.

Throughout the towers, various dining spaces cater to the large number of hotel guests. Making these large scale restaurants a comfortable experience is a challenge, and is achieved by designing individual spaces created by screens. Communal tables cater to the travel groups coming from all over the world.

Eclectic colors and a mix of furniture is the essence of the Park Inn brand. The lobbies follow the “living room” concept with loosely arranged seating configurations. While toned down for Makkah, still the spirit of the brand is there.