Ministry of Civil Services Building

Ministry of Civil Services KSA and ZEC Engineering
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2012 ongoing
22,100 sqm

In a central location the Ministry of Civil Services with a fast growing number of employes decided to build a new ministry which should be designed to be expanded in a second phase. Servicing the public sector employees, the ministry building was to host customer centres, a 200 person auditorium, canteen for the employes and seperate private dining for VIp guests. The ministry regulaly hosts exhibitions from public csector facilities as well as large scale events. The iconic design inspiration was the theme of traditional screens which was interpretated by “wrapping” the building and poviding shade while allowing filtered day light into the offices and the atrium, which is the main feature of the ministry. On the top levels and hung between the two side wings are joint facilities such as library, prayer hall and on the top two floors the minister and high ranking officials offices. A seperate elevator core leads to the minsters floor for privacy and security reasons. Private gardens connected to his office are protected from sun exposure by the screen wrap. Internal and external landscape plays a main role in the design and is transitioning from inside to outside allowing events to extend into the gardens during the cooler time of the year. The building is under construction and services will start in 2017. Kieferle & Partner were also awarded with the concept of the extension of the Jeddah Ministry of public services.