Hymer AG Headquarters

Hymer AG
Bad Waldsee, Germany
Interior Design, Office
30,000 sqm

Hymer AG are the largest producer of motorhomes in Europe with a range from caranvans to luxurious motorhomes. The new headquarter building is located since 2006 in Bad Waldsee where most Hymer production facilities are located.

Kieferle & Partner were awarded with the interior design of the headquater, home to 150 employes and the high management. The interior design reflects the firms mindset of tradition yet innovative and open minded. Office spaces are designed with a modular system that allows easy re-configuration to respond to a constantly change in demand and team sizes. Open plan spaces and individual offices open to the coffee break and colleboration spaces. A blend of tradition and progress, longevity and modernisation is reflected in the interior design with the use of minimal color and natural materials where possible. To host events and conferences with their multinational group companies, flexible meeting and conference rooms are located on ground level opening up to the atrium which is being used as event area.