Bishkek Icon Mixed Use Development

Not disclosed
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Hospitality, Mixed Use, Office, Commercial
277,000 sqm

Bishkek Icon is one of the most prestigious new developments in Bishkek. The two facing towers act as a landmark gateway to the entire development. This $300,000,000 gateway development consists of a 300 unit 5-Star Hotel tower and 150 Hotel apartments.

Along with all amenities such as pools, a conference center, specialty restaurants, and a spa, it holds an office tower that is connected to a low-rise business center with cascading roof gardens. Both the hotel and office complexes are connected to a high-end retail strip with potential apartments on the upper floors. The retail strip is connected by an anchor store at the end of the development. All the required parking is located in an underground parking garage for ease of access. Once built, this development will become one of the distinct destinations in Kyrgyzstan.